“Rock And Roll Is Dead”: What Happens Next?

Nope, this isn’t a brainstorm on the future of the music industry. Well, at least, not directly. You’ve read my novel, right? If you haven’t, click here to read about it and download it for free. (probably best to go read it, then come back here to read the comments, as there may well be […]

RATM Christmas Follow-up: Was It A Fix?

I’ve started mentally drafting this a few times, but almost all of them just ended up with me reiterating everything I said in my ‘Futility Of Fighting Fire With Fire‘ post over on stevelawson.net. However, this evening, someone linked on Twitter to This blog post claiming that it was a campaign masterminded by Sony. And […]

The X Factor – the death of real music?

My first post on here (yes i finally got round to it!)! I spend most of my time blogging profusely in my main cyber home (http://spiderplant88.wordpress.com) but thought that this post might be relevant here and I was motivated enough to throw the missive out there for comment! I finally relented this evening and put […]