“Rock And Roll Is Dead”: What Happens Next?

Nope, this isn’t a brainstorm on the future of the music industry. Well, at least, not directly.

You’ve read my novel, right? If you haven’t, click here to read about it and download it for free. (probably best to go read it, then come back here to read the comments, as there may well be spoilers implicit within what people write…)

It’s about a band. They go through a bit of a crisis, and a change, and things happen.

I’m really proud of it, enjoyed writing it and enjoy reading it back. I like the characters, so am wondering what to do next with them.

So I thought it’d be fun to ask you lot what you think should happen in Vol II.

So, have at it – the comments are yours. If I end up using any of them in the book, I’ll send you a free CD. 🙂

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  1. How about Verfremdungseffekt do a tour of Europe based entirely on house concerts booked through social media sites, touring in a ecologically responsible way by using only public transport? You could make it partially autobiographical… 😉

  2. Well, the first thought that occurs is that Verfrendungseffeckt aren’t going to get very far until they’ve some material available online for free download. (I mean, who’d book them for a house concert somewhere in Europe otherwise?)

    C’mon, Meg, Drum Monkey, we wanna hear some stuff…stick some audioboos up!

    1. It’s possible at some point I’ll think of a reasonable way to actually record the band’s music, but at the moment, it would be just a little too high maintenance to find players who would sound like them… And in the story, they’ve already got music that *some* people have heard.

      I could certainly write in their adventures with posting audio, recording etc… could be a rich seam to mine 🙂

      1. Yeah, I know, I know, but… a) I want to know what those space drums sound like and b) I think you could have a whole bundle of fun being effectively a tribute band to a band that doesn’t even exist! Maybe it’s just my warped mind that this appeals to?

        I’ve a few other ideas for vol 2 that are still slowly emerging from the primordial ooze that slops around in my skull these days. Later…

  3. The three inspire others and take part in a regular-ish improv jam event, where anyone can join in. Opportunities for collaboration (or romance?) arise. They get to play at a music therapy centre and find a niche, maybe leading to a career change for one/all.

  4. They could then get lost in a port city e.g. Rotterdam & meet up w/ illegal immigrants who happen to be musicians. Eventually find HC venue w/ migrants in tow. Double bill HC follows. Migrants like the idea of busking indoors. Band leave them in an internet cafe trying to book themselves another gig.

      1. Of course, the migrant musicians would probably turn out to be Rodrigo y Gabriela, blow everyone else away at tthe first gig, causing them all to go back to their other jobs head-in-hands…

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