Could you Live Without Money?

Just found this article, via a music mailing list – basically about a dude who lives in a cave in Utah, with no money. He picks wild plants, occasionally eats insects, dumpster-dives in the nearest town… Fascinating story, with much food for thought…. I’m not sure the lesson is about living with nothing, as much […]

The Power Of Music

In a week when endless words are being spent deconstructing the meaning of Michael Jackson’s life and legacy, This video provides a stunningly powerful example of the role of music at the opposite end of the spectrum. Bant Singh is a singer and farmer from Punjab, India. His story is told in detail on the […]

ISPs & those troublesome downloaders – A possible solution

The BBC news reported that “Virgin and Universal have signed a deal that will give the ISP’s customers access to “unlimited” music. For a monthly fee, Virgin’s broadband customers will be able to download or stream as many MP3 files as they want.

Campaigning in a Social Media age…

It’s been really interesting to see the way that web has been used in the current run-up to the Euro-elections – both for straight campaigning, but also to challenge the claims in the campaigns… So The Straight Choice site have been scanning in as many political leaflets as they can find, and fact-checking them, and […]