How It Works

Lobelia playing at a house concert in Edinburgh

Lobelia playing at a house concert in Edinburgh

So, a gig in an office, how’s that going to work?

Well, the basic idea is simple – whoever you book to come and play turns up, and plays a concert – any PA needed will be brought along, you just provide a space and a listening audience.

The space can be a normal office space, canteen, boardroom, corridor, lobby – anywhere where people can sit and listen to music and stories. Each of the Office Gigs musicians are more than just singers/instrumentalists – there are stories behind the songs, reasons for playing, and are all happy to chat, banter, answer questions… (some will even consider requests 🙂 )

Beyond that, it can be as elaborate as you like. For example:

  • book a duo instead of a solo artist
  • take the afternoon off work to celebrate, and book 2 or 3 acts
  • hire one of our recommended designers to do posters/postcards/invites/unique memorabilia
  • have a week-long series of shows – one a day at lunch time
  • turn the event into a marketing opportunity by hiring our photographers and social media team to capture the whole experience and ‘amplify’ the event to the outside world via live streaming, twitter, facebook, blogs and archived video and photography.
  • arrange for the performer to also do a talk/workshop about songwriting, improvising, creativity, innovation (list of specialisms for each Office Gigs-recommended musician coming soon).
  • bring in our resident caterer to do themed food – turn it into a complete sensory experience!
  • something else that we haven’t thought of – let us know your ideas!

The best step now is to send us a message with any questions or comments you may have, and we’ll start the process of putting together an amazing program of music for you!