Connect4: A Twitter-Twist On Follow-Friday.

For those of you that are familiar with Twitter, you’ll know all about Follow Friday already – the idea is that on a Friday, you post a tweet or two recommending a few of the people that you follow to the people who follow you – ‘hey check out ***’s tweets, she’s funny/clever/whatever’ – that kind of thing, and use the hashtag #followfriday or #ff.

It’s a fairly fun Friday ritual, and certain names crop up time and time again and eventually I check ’em out. But the volume of possible Follow Friday recommendations is so high as to be functionally useless to me.

So I came up with a twist: #Connect4

The idea with Connect4 is that you pick four of your twitter friends that you don’t think are friends already, and suggest that they follow each other – it’s like the twitter equivalent of the fantasy dinner party game, only there’s less pressure cos if people aren’t interested in each other they don’t have to talk.

But it does mean that there’s some context for the recommendation, that if I’m put in a group of four there are three other people hand-picked for me to follow, and if you see someone else recommend two people you know and two people you don’t, the chances are the other two will be interesting to you.

It’s not, I suggest, something that requires hundreds of lists from each of us, and it doesn’t need to happen on a particular day of the week, but does seem like a nice way to add a little more fun, creativity and context to the process of recommending twitter-friends to other friends, and gives us a hashtag to follow (though #connect4 does seem to be used for some other things too – hopefully the distinction will be clear).

Good idea? Thoughts please, and of course, #Connect4 Tweets 🙂

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