David Lynch slams music & film industries

I found the following on Digital Spy & thought it reflected a lot of what Steve is saying about the changing shape of the music industry

David Lynch has suggested that the digital revolution will bring more freedom to the film and music industries. Continue reading “David Lynch slams music & film industries”

Favourite Coincidences

There’s a video to go with this that I’ll add in later when I’ve uploaded it, but here’s the story:

On Thursday, heading up to Unconvention in Manchester, I had a bit of a nightmare journey. I got to Euston OK, only to find that all trains out of there heading north were cancelled thanks to a derailed train. Continue reading “Favourite Coincidences”

To The Left Of The Mainstream – recommend some music!

You may or may not know that I have another twitter account To The Left Of The Mainstream – that is all about recommending new music by people you’re less likely to have heard of. The ‘left of the mainstream’ bit is not in terms of style, but exposure.

So this thread, which I hope will run and run, is for you to recommend some music, post links, embed videos from youtube… generally use it to pimp the lesser-known music that you think is AWESOME. Not just your mates music (though clearly if your friends are indeed awesome, please post!)

So, start by having a read through and listen to the bands I’ve already listed there, then post away!

(NB, TTLOTM also has a facebook page.)

Steve In one of your recent posts you w…


In one of your recent posts you wrote

Hopefully it’ll finally kick me into action to make some decisions
about the kind of record (or whatever passes for a ‘record’ these
days 🙂 ) I want to make.

which kind of kicked off an idea I’ve been playing with recently. Continue reading “Steve In one of your recent posts you w…”