Talking Art With @Artbizness at Greenbelt

Just had a fabulous 3 part Audioboo chat with Mike Radcliffe, AKA @artbizness off of the internets. Mike is both a very skilled and thoughtful artists (mixed media visual art and poetry mainly, but also music and video) and a fascinating thinker about art and the artistic process.

We were joined at one point by another fabulous art thinker, Maggi Dawn, so that’s here as well, in the continuum of the conversation. Enjoy, and feel free to post your comments and thoughts on the conversation:





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  1. “The best stuff is the stuff I wasn’t going to make” :):)

    -So pleased to hear a discussion about creativity/art – between a musician and an artist, not something you hear often:) thanks guys.

  2. thanks Linda – I’m hoping we can make it a regular series. Mike’s such an interesting thinker and talker on this stuff, and has the artskillz to match 🙂

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