Multiculturalism – what do we mean? [session from Multicultural Urban Solutions, in Poland]

[Steve] – This week, Laura Kidd and I are in Poland, doing social media support/documentation and facilitiation at a Multicultural Urban Solutions Training Course – we have a Tumblr at The first full session was on “Multiculturalism – what do we mean?” Here’s Laura’s live summary blog of the session, lead by Marcuz: [Laura] […]

Building a Website In A Day – The Centre For Creative Collaboration

If you’ve been to Tuttle over the last few months, you’ll at least know where the Centre for Creative Collaboration (C4CC) is – it’s physically a building near Kings Cross. A former sculpture studio that acts as a fabulous multi-purpose space for the kind of open ended fun and games that drive the thinking behind […]

The X Factor – the death of real music?

My first post on here (yes i finally got round to it!)! I spend most of my time blogging profusely in my main cyber home ( but thought that this post might be relevant here and I was motivated enough to throw the missive out there for comment! I finally relented this evening and put […]

A weekend among friends

(Or how a sceptic faired at Greenbelt ‘09) Suddenly two weeks before the event we were going to Greenbelt, a festival that I knew little about, apart from the name. The “we” being my wife Judith and two of my children, Jessie (13) and Rosa (11) and me. We were camping with members of 3 […]