Indie MP3 Sale! today have had a massive MP3 sale, with lots of albums going for 29p. Some great stuff, much of which I’ve bought.

But, there’s no indie stuff there, largely because none of us manage our own catalogues on there, so can’t change prices at will – CDBaby or ReverbNation or whoever did the deal, and we don’t get the vary it, generally.

However, we do on bandcamp, on cdbaby itself or on our own self-hosted MP3 sites.


This thread is for the posting of links to indie MP3 albums, which have to be under £3 UK or $5 US.

Here are the rules – read them or I’ll delete it. This is not a thread for FREE DOWNLOADS. It’s a sale-bin. If you’re on bandcamp and have pay-what-you-like or whatever, that’s fine, but if it’s just free, it doesn’t qualify… for now.

Add the link, a small description, then go and pimp the thread, so we all benefit. Hurrah!

I’ll kick things off with my 2004 album, Grace And Gratitude – it’s lots of people’s favourite album of mine, and is currently only $3.50 on CDbaby.

Click here to head over there and download Grace And Gratitude for £3.50.

Now it’s your turn… (after you’ve bought G+G 😉 )

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  1. Great idea, Steve.

    This Is Not An Album, my collection of pop songs for geeks, is on sale for £2.99!!! I use the beautiful BandCamp, so you can listen as much as you like (and even download the 128k MP3 to try out on your iPod).

    Yay for independent music! Looking forward to spending a tenner on four brilliant albums – keep them coming. 😉

  2. Eleventh’d on the great idea, Steve! 🙂

    I’ve got “Elysian Peace”, described by one reviewer as “The ultimate relaxation/meditation disc” available at or via for, oh… I dunno… let’s make it US$4, shall we? For that price you get 2 versions: the “separated” version, where each track is musically self-contained, and the “continuous” version, where you can join all 12 tracks together to make one seamless hour of music just like on the CD.

    Thanks, Steve, for the opportunity. Enjoy!

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