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Could you Live Without Money?

07.23.09 | 6 Comments

Just found this article, via a music mailing list - basically about a dude who lives in a cave in Utah, with no money. He picks wild plants, occasionally eats insects, dumpster-dives in the nearest town… Fascinating story, with much food for thought….

I’m not sure the lesson is about living with nothing, as much as it is about the false correlation between money/wealth and health/happiness. His original motivation seems pretty hard to contest…

I’m definitely inspired to do more with less, rather than wait for ‘more’. One of my favourite book titles ever (which has inspired a number of blogposts over at stevelawson.net ) is ‘Why Settle For More And Miss the Best’ by Tom Sine, exploring a similar point about what it is that we’re chasing. Bigger, Better, Faster, More sounds like hollow BS, even more transparently in the light of a global economic meltdown…

The article’s worth a read, and I’d love to hear your thoughts on it, especially your experiences of ‘downsizing’…

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