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Digital Economy Bill – My Relevant Posts In One Handy List

04.07.10 | 5 Comments

I had an email from an MP earlier today, asking for some background info on my position on the Digital Economy Bill.

So I sent him this list of links (it’s far from complete, but the poor guy’s got a lot on, so 50-odd links weren’t going to help!):

http://www.stevelawson.net/2010/01/dear-rock-stars/ (particularly the bit about Bono claiming Hollywood is screwed on the same day that Avatar became the first movie to gross a billion dollars)

and the one I sent last night,

oh, and the point in this one about spending on Entertainment Media being WAY up, is vital…

Enjoy – please do share the link around to this page, or to whichever of the individual posts resonates best with you.


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