The Death Of Margaret Thatcher

I posted this over on Facebook, but that’ll vanish, and lots of people aren’t on FB, so I’ll put it here too, in case it’s useful.

What a weird day. Thatcher dead. I’ve long wondered what today would feel like. I can’t celebrate anyone’s death, but there’s a weird mix of catharsis that the architect of so much evil is gone, mixed with the tragedy that her worst ideas are alive well and multiplying like a virus.

I just wish she’d lived long enough to see us collectively reject everything she ever stood for.

As for sympathy and ‘respecting dignity’. Yup, I have sympathy for everyone still living in an ex-mining community mired in poverty, for the mothers of the disappeared who saw Pinoche embraced by Thatcher, for the victims of apartheid fighting the South African racists at a time when she branded Mandela a terrorist. I have a whole shit load of sympathy today, and am still asking for the same missing dignity that we’ve been asking for for 3 decades, for all those victims of regimes she backed, or policies she brought about, few of whom could afford a funeral.

She’s gone, but the repugnant hate-filled divisive politics she brought about are stronger than ever. Fight that. No need to get distracted by the sad death of a senile old lady.

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  1. Cannot agree more. Becoming more and more annoyed with people who skip demo’s when I offer to drive, who don’t vote and only look out for themselves offering to organise parties?

    Put that much into activism and lets sort out the problems we have now rather than living in the past.

    There should be no place on the “left” (of any flavour) for pointless, vindictive and cowardly crowing.

  2. Yes, well said!

    With the papers/TV/radio giving non stop over the top eulogies and calls for a state funeral, it is good to see the other side.

    It really is depressing that we have seeen non stop Thatcherism from then to now.

    I think this link gives a good summary of how things are viewed in Scotland.


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