Could you Live Without Money?

Just found this article, via a music mailing list – basically about a dude who lives in a cave in Utah, with no money. He picks wild plants, occasionally eats insects, dumpster-dives in the nearest town… Fascinating story, with much food for thought…. I’m not sure the lesson is about living with nothing, as much […]

Recycle Week – Suggest a Pledge.

Next week has been declared ‘Recycle Week’ – have a look at the website here. So, suggestions for cool pledges? Have you already pledged? what did you post? (feel free to link to your pledge, so we can keep an eye on whether you maintain it or not 😉 ). If the pledges-to-make-the-world-a-better-place idea appeals […]

ISPs & those troublesome downloaders – A possible solution

The BBC news reported that “Virgin and Universal have signed a deal that will give the ISP’s customers access to “unlimited” music. For a monthly fee, Virgin’s broadband customers will be able to download or stream as many MP3 files as they want.