Bandcamp Directory For The Stevie-Connected

You may or may not have seen my post this morning about Bandcamp over at

Since posting it, I’ve had lots of tweets from friends whose music is on it, so let’s start a directory of entries – post a link to your bandcamp page in the comments, with a little bit of info about you and your connection to me (just so it doesn’t become a music-spam-fest – there’s no special criteria for being included, other than some kind of link – twitter-friends, gig buddies, blog readers etc… all are fine ๐Ÿ™‚ ) and I’ll grab the embed code from your site and add it here, creating a little online shop ๐Ÿ™‚

here are my 3 bandcamp albums so far:

<a href="">Blue Planet by Steve Lawson</a>

<a href="">Grace And Gratitude by Steve Lawson</a>

<a href="">No More Us And Them by Steve Lawson</a>

and here are the first of the embeds from the comments:

<a href="">Mute Signals by Riverblind</a>

<a href="">Should have learned by Paul Bell</a>

<a href="">perfect by Tim Eveleigh</a>

<a href="">Boy at Heart by Boy at Heart</a>

<a href="">Under Cover by Freakshow</a>

<a href="">Gathering String by Steven Guerrero</a>

<a href="">Small Pleasures by Mulberry Harbour</a>

<a href="">Ten by Ben Walker</a>

<a href="">Cloudlift by Gustaf Fjelstrom</a>

<a href="">Bashert by Jason Parker Quartet</a>

<a href="">Come Clean (April) by Miriam Jones</a>

<a href="">Too Soon Old by Howlin&#8217; Hobbit</a>

<a href="">Bright Shining Star by Humphreys &amp; Keen</a>

<a href="">Bonecrusher by Kirsty McGee</a>

<a href="">Augun opnast by Menn รƒยrsins</a>

<a href="">Broken Carnival by Asymptotic Taste</a>

<a href="">Upp รƒยก himins blรƒยกum boga by Sunna Gunnlaugs</a>

<a href="">What Goes Beneath by Russ Sargeant</a>

(while all this has been going on, I’ve uploaded my first album to bandcamp as well: )

<a href="">The Inner Game by Steve Lawson</a>

<a href="">I Have A Very Bad Feeling About This by Shawn Farley</a>

<a href="">No by Darryl Gregory</a>

<a href="">Steve by Atmos Trio</a>

<a href="">Animals Dine With Me by Hope and Social</a>

<a href="">The Rhythm by Caipirinha</a>

<a href="">True Born Miracle by Farleigh</a>

<a href="">Picture Of Us by She Makes War</a>

40 replies on “Bandcamp Directory For The Stevie-Connected”

  1. Hi Steve.
    I love Bandcamp. I like the interface, the simplicity and the ease of how I can integrate it into my site.

    Love your idea of a directory, very inspiring and generous of you. You can find my music at:

    I’ve not visited your blog for a while, but this is a great reminder of why I should visit more often.

    Thanks very much.
    Rob – Boy at Heart

  2. Hi Steve,
    Am enjoying following your tweets/posts – I hope to get round to some bass lessons very soon. In the meantime here is the bandcamp profile I setup for my band – Remixing – EQing and some Re-Recording needed. Its the cleanest interface so far – and hopefully will be useful in getting gigs.

  3. Great idea, Steve! I’ve had my albums on Bandcamp for a while now and absolutely LOVE the service. Ethan is a great guy and super responsive to suggestions about the site.

    The URL for my main band, The Jason Parker Quartet, is We have three albums up, including our brand new one, “No More, No Less”.

    I also have a page for my funk band Water Babies at

    Glad I “met” you through Twitter, and I love the blog. Keep it up!

    Jason Parker

    1. thanks Owen, I really like the H&K album – you posting on their behalf doesn’t really meet the criteria, but I’ll make an exception cos it’s awesome ๐Ÿ˜‰ ha!

  4. this is such a great list thanks so much for contributing to it, y’all. Now we need to pimp it:

    • tweet/facebook/myspace/email the link to this page to people
    • Please feel free to do your own list.
    • Grab your favourite 3 and blog about them
    • email the other artists and encourage them.
    • Buy the ones that you like. Go on, stick your paypal details in and sow a little karma

      It’s been really fun to curate the list (and I’m sure it’ll keep growing) – I’ll be back here listening for quite a while before I get through all of them ๐Ÿ™‚

  5. Hiya Steve,
    Our Bandcamp stuff (though this far it only features tracks commissioned by the theatre company “Imitating the Dog” fr the Greek/UK collaboration “Tales from the Bar of Lost Souls”… making the music. “Music from Tales From The Bar Of Lost Souls”. Catchy name.

    We’re at

    I know you through twitter and through here, and Unconvention and the James talk in Leeds.

    Ta dah!

    Hope you, Lobelia and bump are all well.

  6. I’ve discovered (like I discovered it.. yeah, right!) that Posterous + Bandcamp makes for an AWESOME MP3 blog – head over to to find out more, but it’s basically a blog you can update via email.

    With bandcamp, you just copy the embed code for the album you want to post into an email, and write about it, and it goes live to your posterous account. Have a look at mine – – I’ve put a couple of bandcamp albums up there this way.

    So, here’s your task – take the recordings above that you like the best and write about them, encourage your readers/fans/friends/family to listen, and to grab the downloads (and through in some shrapnel if that’s required) – simples!

  7. hey Steve, we’re unconvention buddies i guess. My band Escape Act has been using bandcamp to host the ‘release’ of our first album, which was released through MP3 blogs last year. It also hosts some remix stems. With new recordings nearly finished, we’ll be adding more music in the near future.

  8. Hello Steve! Really cool list brewing over here! Thanks for compiling it! I’ve been pretty busy w/ Viola/life/music but always think about jamming the ‘Windham Hill Blues’ w/ you in January. That house concert still remains the high point of my year (and there’s been lots of good times vying for high point!) Anyhow, always dig everything you do-and got on Band Camp (& recommended it to others) by way of you-such a great site- “Symmetria” is there, and a new album (The Forest That Hears And The Field That Sees) about to go up soon too! here’s the link to my page:

    -be well and best wishes from me and Kathy with the new arrival!!

  9. Hey there Steve and everyone! We are in the “twitter friends” category. As for our relationship, I have enjoyed exchanging ideas on the evolution of the industry with you. I feel a bit late in joining the fun since it looks like most of you were participating last fall. I had fun poking around here then, but was busy getting things together for the release of my 2nd album and I didn’t have the bandcamp set up yet on my site. Now my bandcamp webstore has been up for a while and I’ve been loving it. I’ve been using the features in ways that have been suited to my needs and it just makes selling your music fun. Who woulda thunk? Phase I went well and now I’m in Phase II leading up to the release. I keep learning and growing. Here’s the link and if you feel like it, then you can grab the code (preferably linked to When Parallel Lines Meet, which is the new one coming out in April) and add it here. I will check out Posterous. Peace & thanks for the connectivity, Manisha

    Hi Steve. I don’t know how you keep track of everything in your virtual world! Thanks for all the twittering info these past few months. Say hello to the rest of your lovely clan for me. ๐Ÿ™‚


    This is a new folk trio I’m helping out with my ‘label’ of sorts, that I’ve dubbed Rocking Chair Records I’ve just graduated from university, having been taught by your NMS colleague Andrew Dubber over the years.

    Links aren’t live yet but in due corse & will be the links to check.

    Great idea this directory, checking out the others stuff now ๐Ÿ˜€

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