Adding A Soundtrack To Your Blog

One of the wonders of the ‘tearable web’ (cf. David Jennings book, Net Blogs and Rock n Roll) is that we can put our music and video up in sharable, widgetized formats that allow them to become elements in any site that wants to help us spread the word. So, for you bloggers, here’s a […]

Why Collaborate? A Chat with a Computer Music Geek from Goldsmiths College

Mick Grierson is Co-Director of the Masters in Fine Art – Computational Studio Arts, BSE program in Creative Computing at Goldsmiths College in London. He’s also very interesting indeed. Here’s an audioboo from my chat with him this morning about the Centre For Creative Collaboration Website: Goldsmiths are an ideal early partner in the Centre […]

Building a Website In A Day – The Centre For Creative Collaboration

If you’ve been to Tuttle over the last few months, you’ll at least know where the Centre for Creative Collaboration (C4CC) is – it’s physically a building near Kings Cross. A former sculpture studio that acts as a fabulous multi-purpose space for the kind of open ended fun and games that drive the thinking behind […]

Digital Economy Bill – My Relevant Posts In One Handy List

I had an email from an MP earlier today, asking for some background info on my position on the Digital Economy Bill. So I sent him this list of links (it’s far from complete, but the poor guy’s got a lot on, so 50-odd links weren’t going to help!): (particularly the bit […]

Another letter to my MP, Jim Down, about the 3rd Reading of the Digital Economy Bill

I’ve just watched 6 hours of live debate from Parliament. I can’t remember the last time I watched 6 hours of anything. Some of it was riveting, some of it was appalling. Major respect to those MPs who had REALLY done their homework and stepped up to the task of debunking some of the nonsense […]

Email to my MP Jim Dowd about the Digital Economy Bill

[I wrote to Jim before, but didn’t post it here. Anyway, here’s the follow up that I just sent him.] Hi Jim, just a quick note ahead of tomorrow’s debate to express again my fear that highly contentious and misunderstood elements of the Digital Economy Bill will get pushed through in the wash-up. I was […]

The Power Of Play (Ada Lovelace Day)

Ada Lovelace Day has rolled round again – a day to celebrate women in technology. Always a good thing to do, given the disparity STILL present in the tech world in terms of opportunity, representation and credit for what they do. This year, I’m going to write about the power of playful tech usage. Jamillah […]

Connect4: A Twitter-Twist On Follow-Friday.

For those of you that are familiar with Twitter, you’ll know all about Follow Friday already – the idea is that on a Friday, you post a tweet or two recommending a few of the people that you follow to the people who follow you – ‘hey check out ***’s tweets, she’s funny/clever/whatever’ – that […]

Cloud Culture – The Obvious Obstacle?

The tendency for people to shift their computing life into ‘the cloud’ is rolling on at great pace. More and more people are trusting • their email to Gmail, • their photos to Flickr, • their back-up to Amazon or Dropbox, • their documents to Google Docs and are using collaborative platforms for sharing data, […]

Open Letter to Lib-Dem Lord Clement-Jones re: Web Blocking.

[I just sent this in response to the Open Rights Group’s call to contact the Lib-Dem and Conservative Lords over their proposed amendment to the Digital Economy bill allowing sites to be blocked under suspicion of enabling the transfer of copyright materials.] Dear Lord Clement-Jones, Along with everyone I know who works in IT/the internet […]